Announcement Time

First of all, we apologize for the long announcement delay. Some of the preparation took a little longer than planned. We'll make sure to improve our planning in this regard.

Before we get to the announcements, Hello Goodbye is now open for preorders. As a preorder bonus, you are going to receive the full game soundtrack which features quite a number of awesome vocal songs. You can find it here.

All right then, moving on to the announcements.

The first title we are announcing today is Yuzusoft's Senren Banka. Many of you are probably mildy confused to hear that since this title has already been announced by Sekai Project quite a while back. The short explanation is that things didn't really work out between Yuzusoft and Sekai Project. To prevent rumors before they start, no, we didn't 'steal' the title from SP and there is absolutely no bad blood between us and SP.

What may also be interesting for a lot of people is that Chinese fans will also get to enjoy this amazing title as Hikari Field is going to be in charge of translating the game into Chinese. Yuzusoft isn't popular in just Japan and in the West, they're also very beloved in China, so we're really happy that we'll be able to officially release a Yuzusoft title for all those countless fans in China.

Check out Senren Banka's fantastic opening that also comes with a nice, new English logo by courtesy of Yuzusoft.

Deep in the mountains lies Hoori, a small village so remote that no trains stop there. Due to its isolation, it has resisted the spread of civilization. However, its rustic charm and hot springs have transformed it into a famous tourist destination.

One of the village's biggest draws is the divine blade Murasamemaru, stuck in a stone from which no one has been able to pull it out of... until our protagonist Arichi Masaomi manages to break it in half.

Before he can even come to grips with what just happened, he's forced to make amends for what he's done. How, you might ask? By marrying the village's shrine maiden, of course!

He's already in way over his head, but this is just the start of his mysterious and unfathomable new life in this village.

Masaomi then goes on to meet his new fiance, discovers an enigmatic and strange girl that only he can touch, and begins to learn about the curse afflicting the village of Hoori.

Amidst this hectic new life, who will he set his heart on? The answers he seeks lie within the legendary sword in his hands.

As is the practice now when we announce new titles, here are some important keynotes:

  • Late Summer 2019 Release
  • ENG/CN/JP language option
  • 18+ patch for the steam version
  • Setting that feature traditional Japanese designs and elements
  • Most popular and best selling VN of the last 10 years

If you want to find out more about Senren Banka, check out the official English website. You'll find additional information such as character descriptions there.

All right, and here comes our second announcement, which is likely a title many of you expected and also hoped for. It's Smee's Making Lovers.

We believe it's a high-quality, fun title that offers a refreshing experience for everyone who is looking for a visual novel that isn't school romance.

Check out the opening and introduction.

For my whole life, I never had a girlfriend.
People could laugh at me all they want, but I refused to give up on my ideals when it came to love.

I had always pictured a first encounter where I knew right away she was my destined one.

After several chance run-ins, we would exchange numbers. Then we would hang out together on the weekends.
Only once we've grown close enough would it be time for a real date.

I wouldn't have accepted any love that didn't develop like a storybook romance.

Picking up girls at a club or going on blind dates was out of the question for me.

And so was arranged dates. How could it be romantic when someone else set you up?

I had stood unwavering in my beliefs for my entire life.

Until, that is, when the words of a certain girl turned my view on love inside-out.


  • Winter 2019 Release
  • 18+ patch for the steam version
  • Mosaic-Free
  • Adult romance
  • You get to plan your own dates

You can find a ton of additional information on the official English website. Learn about the individual characters, the game's concept, features and more!

All right, this is it for this round of announcements. We're, of course, already working on securing even more amazing licenses. You can be sure that the next time we announce new titles, you'll be in for more surprises.

NekoNyan wishes you all a happy Holiday Season!


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