August Update

Hello, everynyan! How are you, fine thank you. *Cough*

Today is Thursday and we have a little bit of news for you all, and a bit of the teasing we specialize in too. We want to address the Aokana shipping status first, as we mentioned in our last KS update, it was supposed to start shipping a couple of weeks ago but our partners discovered issues with some of the discs, so they had to order a new run. That shouldn’t take long so shipping should be starting by the end of the month. We look forward to everyone getting their Aokana merch, and then we can turn our attention to the next merch campaign. What will it be, you ask? Sorry, that’s still a sekrit ;). 

The main reason for this post is actually related to IxShe Tell (are there any of you who haven’t figured out the play on words with the title yet?).

We are pleased to announce that we will actually be releasing a 1440P version of the game instead of the original 720P release. 
Hooksoft was able to hook us up (heh) with the original full-res assets, and they look absolutely gorgeous.
We hope you are looking forward to the release in one week’s time! As always it will be released on Steam, our partner sites (Denpasoft, Mangagamer, JAST, Fakku, and Nutaku) as well as our own store page. 

The girls will be waiting for you, so please make sure to check it out!
Releasing next Friday, August 28th at 10 AM PDT (7 PM CEST).  Until then, pray return to the waking sands.



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