Fureraba Pre-orders, Steam Release & More

Hey all.

First off, Fureraba is now available for pre-order in our store. You're going to receive an email with a download link that is going to work upon release. Alternatively, you can also log into your account and access the products you've purchased under "My Games." All payments are processed through Paypal (you don't need an account though), so rest assured that the payment process is secure.
Edit: Pre-orders temporarily disabled since we need to switch to a different payment processor. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Also, we're doing a 15% launch sale, which also applies to pre-orders, of course. The sale is going to last until the 15th of April.

Going on, as some of you have already noticed, the steam page for Fureraba is up now. You can check it out here. I know we said there would be a slight delay of a couple weeks, but that was an estimate based on certain wait times which turned out to be shorter.

We're also pleased to inform you that in addition to Steam, Nutaku, Fakku and our own store, you're also going to be able to get Fureraba on JAST USA's store.

Other than the above announcements, we figured we would use this opportunity to answer a few frequent questions we have received:

1. Regarding the Fan-disc
We actually wanted to add the FD as pre-order/early adopter bonus on Steam as well, but unfortunately, you can't do things like pre-orders, and consequently pre-order and early adopter bonuses, on your first release. The pre-order function becomes available only after the first release. Of course, the FD is going to be available as DLC on Steam once released.

2. Steam Trading Cards
We would love to do trading cards, but you need to be deemed eligible for those by Steam first. Apparently, a certain amount of sales has to be reached, but things seem to be a little inconsistent when it comes to the exact requirements. You'll definitely see trading cards as soon as it is possible.

3. Uncensore Patch
We said it in our announcement post, but since we're still getting questions about this, we'll say it once more. There is going to be an uncensore patch for the Steam version, and that patch will be available for free download day one.


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