Part 2: Kinkoi, IxShe and....?

Welcome back!  It’s time for Part II of our early 2020 announcements!  Are you guys ready?

For our 3rd announcement, we have something truly special. A gold standard, if you will. We are proud to bring you beloved VN developer Saga Planets’ award-winning title, “Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche”!!

If you like blonde hair, this is a must-play game for you.  Protagonist Ouro is thrust into a new world when he “rescues” a blonde-haired girl from danger—then discovers that she is actually the princess of a European country named Sortilège!?  The end result is that he is forced to attend Noble Private Academy—along with the princess and her friends—and more.  With a cast of heroines who all have hearts of gold, join Ouro at Noble Private Academy! Kinkoi is also currently 40% translated and 12% edited!
To find out more, click the golden ticket here > http://kinkoi.nekonyansoft.com/

We aren’t done yet!  Our next announcement is something that has been a subject of discussion for some time now.  We previously promised you a new Hooksoft game in exchange for pushing back Melty Moment.  The time has finally come to reveal what that game is, and it is Hooksoft’s 17th project, the beautiful IxSHE Tell!  

Our protagonist Hajime is the Student Council President of Kenseikan Academy, a school that has had a ban on romantic relationships for over a century—until today, when he succeeds in eliminating that rule, allowing students to enter romantic relationships at last!  As the hero of the school, Hajime now finds himself as the object of affection of multiple girls!  Join our hero as he is confessed to, and as he lives his life as the hero of the school and the target of many girls’ affection!  IxShe tell is currently 45% Translated and 45% Edited, and is the previously unannounced Secret Project 5!
We’ll TELL you more about it at the link here> http://ixshe.nekonyansoft.com

And that’s all for today folks! Thanks for joining—Hm, what’s that?  I’m forgetting something? I didn’t announce Secret Project 4…?  Oh, Oh right! *cough* What I meant to say was, we have one more announcement for you.  And it’s one that is near and dear to our hearts.  Licensing it was like the feeling of finding a 4 leaf clover… So of course, we at NekoNyan are incredibly happy to finally reveal the official translation for Alcot’s beloved title Clover Day’s!  

We are happy to be working with the translator who worked on the Fan translation, Ittaku, to help us bring this beautiful, adorable story to everyone!  The honest protagonist Yuuto, his sisters, the cheerful Anzu and the tsun Anri, and many more wonderful girls will join you on this adventure through their happy Clover Day’s.  Clover Day’s is 100% Translated and 0% Edited.
Read more here> http://cloverdays.nekonyansoft.com/

And with that, we really are done for tonight.

We thank you so much for joining us.  Thank you for your support and encouragement, and thank you for helping us to be able to bring these amazing titles to the English audience.  Please feel free to join our discord or leave any comments on Twitter or Facebook if you’d like to contact us.  Until next time, we wish you a good night!


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