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Monthly Progress Update, Senren*Banka and Aokana Gifts

Hello everyone, happy Saturday! We hope you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Great New Year!  It’s time again for our monthly update! Senren*Banka To start things off, as will become immediately apparent when you see the numbers, a Senren Banka release this month won’t be possible. We sincerely apologize for the further delays, rest assured we want to release it as soon as possible as well! That being said, to help temper your disappointment, we are happy to announce that we will instead be releasing the translated trial version of Senren*Banka!  We are currently finalizing the details on that matter and will inform you about the release date as soon as possible! Hello Lady! Next up, is He...

Senren Banka Information

Hey guys, we hope you had a nice weekend! Fresh off the release of Aokana, we wanted to take a moment to address something a lot of you have been asking about.  After the last monthly update we promised you more info soon regarding the status of Senren Banka, and that’s the topic of this post. As you probably have figured out, the current translation progress has made it more than clear that an October release simply isn't going to happen. Ideally, we should have addressed this matter sooner, but we wanted to make sure we can commit to a new release date that we believe we can actually realistically make, and discuss those plans with Yuzusoft. Up until now, we were very lucky that almost none of our projects were met wi...
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Aokana Extra1 Is Coming

Hey guys, we got some news for you! With AX currently going on, we figured we should also at least announce one title. So with our Aokana Physical Kickstarter still in full swing, what better time to officially announce Aokana Extra1 on this occasion? It would, however, be pretty boring if we only made the announcement and that was it, wouldn't it? We don't really want boring, and for that reason, there is also going to be some additional Extra1 merch for you to get your hands on. Everyone who purchases a physical version of Aokana is going to receive the poster for free and the tapestry is going to be available as an add-on. The exact specifics will be announced soon. We're also going to reveal the new...


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