Steam Release

Long time no post.
Whew, so we've finally managed to release Fureraba on Steam. We honestly didn't expect that the Steam review process can take this long, but now that we know, we'll be taking that into account for future releases and make sure they release on Steam as planned. Sincere apologies to everyone who had to wait this long.TT

The uncensor patch for the Steam version is available in our store free of charge. We've also released an update for the regular version that can be downloaded from the My Games library.

In other news, translation for Sanoba Witch and Hello,Goodbye are proceeding smoothly. We're currently aiming for an August release of HGB and an October release of Sanoba Witch, which is about a month later than initially planned for both titles. We want to be more thorough with the QA process this time instead of rushing the releases. As for Melty Moment and Sankaku, we're probably going to switch those two games in our release schedule since that works better in terms of game length and when the translators in charge of those games will have their current projects finished up.

Most of our team is currently in Japan. You can expect more news, teasers to future projects and preorders for Sanoba physicals in June. Community discord is also coming in June.


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