And we are back!

Sekrit Project 4: AKA: Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato: AKA The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons

  • It was I! DIO! Er, I mean NEKONYAN, all along!
    That’s right, we’re the ones who have the honor and pleasure of bringing Laplacian’s Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons to the world in English!  
    A unique tale in which the artificial pigeons were initially created as a worldwide wireless network that covers the entire globe. 
    But one day, they turned and began to eat the same airwaves they were meant to carry. 
    They feast on radio waves, breeding uncontrollably until they're the only birds left in the sky. You follow the story of Sora, a young tinkerer working on a new type of radio to regain the sky for humanity.
    100% Translated, 36% Edited. Engine Port to Unity currently in progress. Translation by Bango, Editing by Decay. 18+ version will be demosaiced.
  • Visit the productpage: https://futureradio.nekonyansoft.com

Sekrit Project 5: AKA Aoi tori: AKA Aoi Tori

  • This is the one, the one we were pretty sure nobody would guess. Other than a few total random guesses it seems we were right!
    Yes, we’ll be bringing Purple Software’s incredible Aoi Tori to you in English!
    The main character is a priest, the only male allowed at an all-girls boarding school. He also has a special power that lets him bring bliss to those he touches, and that power is amplified if the contact is sexual in nature- resulting in the students of the school often coming to him for “guidance”...
    Follow along with Ritsu as the story progresses, with him unable to leave the school grounds due to the demons outside who lust after him. We hope you’re looking forward to one of Purple’s best titles!
    Translation: 30%, Editing ??%, Engine Port to Unity in progress. Translation by TBAC, Editing by DxS. 18+ version will be demosaiced.
  • Visit the productpage: https://aoitori.nekonyansoft.com

Kinkoi: Golden Time

  • If you have been following our Kinkoi Kickstarter, you’ll know that we also reached the stretch goal to translate the Kinkoi Fandisc, Golden Time! This includes several new routes, after stories for the heroines from the main game, and something else as well.  The translation on this will begin soon.
    Translation by DS55 AKA R Stuart. Editing by Kaitsu.

Making*Lovers Geki Icha After Story AKA Making*Lovers Flirty Dirty After Story

  • We mentioned a while ago that we would be translating the Making*Lovers fan disc, and this is us letting you know that work on that will begin shortly.
    It’s not very long so it shouldn’t take too long for us to get it out to you. Look forward to some more flirty, dirty stories with your favorite M*L heroines!
    Translator: Blick Winkel, Editor: Decay


Phew! That was a lot, we hope you stuck with us till the end and that you are excited about our new titles!
Special thanks to DS55 for working through the proverbial night to get all of the English-translated OP videos ready for these announcements! Of course, we aren’t resting on our heels, as we have quite a few more Sekrit Projects™ to replace these…
You’ll have to wait until later this year to find out more about those, however!
For now, we hope that this has satisfied your hunger for new licenses, and will see you next time!


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