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Saving the sisters- announcing Onikiss re-release

Good evening, everyone, we have an announcement to make, and some explanation behind it to give you.   We’re happy to announce we’ve licensed Onikiss “Onii-chan Where’s my Kiss” from the developer Tinkle Position/Sister Position. Some of you reading this may be slightly confused by this, and that’s understandable.   Another publisher, Sol Press, also published Onikiss a few years ago. That version was in fact available until yesterday despite the fact that Sol Press has long since ceased operations. If Sol Press published it, how (and why) are we re-releasing it? Well, the answer to that is rather simple. For those in the know this won’t come as much of a surprise, but Sol Press n...


Good afternoon everyone, we have some news regarding the release of Lorena and the Land of Ruins. Due to concerns from the developers regarding the content of the 18+ version they have requested that we not release the 18+ standalone version or an 18+ patch for the Steam version in any form, be it official or unofficial. They will simultaneously also be taking down the 18+ version of the Japanese version as well and will not be producing adult content in the future. As we wish to abide by the wishes of the creators, we will be only releasing an all-ages version of the game. We understand this may be disappointing for some of you, but adult content made up a very small portion of the game, and the gameplay aspects are not affected....
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  Hello everyone and happy Friday! We have a special treat for you tonight. A few of you may have noticed a certain tweet from Hikari Field earlier and suspected it, but it’s time for us to confirm it! We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be responsible for the English translation of Aokana Extra2! And on top of that, it’s already 100% translated, thanks to the hard work of TBAC, who translated Misaki’s original route in the main game! To celebrate this announcement, Aokana and Extra1 are both on sale on Steam for the next week! If you haven’t checked them out yet, this is the perfect time to do so! Check out the opening movie!

Hello Lady Important Information

Good morning (or evening depending on where you are) everyone, we have a short update regarding our upcoming release, Hello Lady. Hello Lady will be finally releasing tomorrow morning, and we wanted to share some important information. Previously, we had announced that Hello Lady would be released fully uncensored and demosaiced. That was the plan until a few days ago. Unbeknownst to us, the owner/IP rightsholder for Hello Lady had changed to a different company recently. A few days ago we discovered this change in ownership during a routine contact for assets.   The new rightsholder has a different stance regarding mosaics for their properties, and due to this, at this time we will not be able to release Hello Lady without mosa...
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And we are back! Sekrit Project 4: AKA: Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato: AKA The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons It was I! DIO! Er, I mean NEKONYAN, all along! That’s right, we’re the ones who have the honor and pleasure of bringing Laplacian’s Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons to the world in English!   A unique tale in which the artificial pigeons were initially created as a worldwide wireless network that covers the entire globe.  But one day, they turned and began to eat the same airwaves they were meant to carry.  They feast on radio waves, breeding uncontrollably until they're the only birds left in the sky. You follow the story of Sora, a young tinkerer working on a new t...


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