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Fureraba Pre-orders, Steam Release & More

Hey all. First off, Fureraba is now available for pre-order in our store. You're going to receive an email with a download link that is going to work upon release. Alternatively, you can also log into your account and access the products you've purchased under "My Games." All payments are processed through Paypal (you don't need an account though), so rest assured that the payment process is secure. Edit: Pre-orders temporarily disabled since we need to switch to a different payment processor. Sorry for the inconvenience! Also, we're doing a 15% launch sale, which also applies to pre-orders, of course. The sale is going to last until the 15th of April. Going on, as some of you have already noticed, the st...

Fureraba Release Date

Hey everyone. Today's post is to officially announce the release date of Fureraba and also share with you all the relevant information pertaining to it. The game is going to be released on Friday the 30th of March. The game will be available on Nutaku, FAKKU, and our website. The initial plan was to also release on Steam simultaneously, but apparently, we underestimated the extends of German bureaucracy relating to taxes, which is why there is going to be a short delay of a few weeks. We considered delaying the release on all other platforms as well, but we figured there would be no real point in making people wait if they're going to get the game on those other platforms anyway. The standard edition of Fureraba will be ava...
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2018 Announcements

Hey everyone. Since we've been keeping all of this under the wraps for the past half a year or so, I'm sure this must be coming pretty much out of nowhere, but yeah, here we are: a new western VN publisher and we have some announcements to make. Alright, then let's get right into it. We have a lineup of five visual novels planned for 2018 and early 2019. Those are: Fureraba Hello,goodbye Sanoba Witch Melty Moment Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai Before someone asks whether we aren't biting off more than we can chew there, let me assure you that this is not the case. We're happy with the team we have, and our first title to come out -- Fureraba -- is already fully translated and edited...


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