General Information

Should you be interested in working with us, the first thing to note is that we're an internationally operating company, and as such, we hire people from all over the world. Most Jobs don't require your physical presence at our office, so you'll be able to work from home.

Our company believes in fair payment, and we always encourage creativity.

Here are some of the things we can offer you:

  • Fair payment
  • Bonuses when a project you worked on does well
  • Stable, professional work environment


Open Jobs

Currently, we're pretty well-staffed. We'll be looking into expanding our team soon, though, as we we have a ton of potential projects lined up for 2019 already.

We're particularly interested in hiring:

  • One more, well-experienced translator
  • A game programmer with experience in mobile game development

Please send your application to and include a full resume and work samples.